What I Do in my Off Time

I've taken up playing the guitar again. I can't vouch for my long-suffering roommates and friends, but my grandmother likes it. OLGA is a comprehensive archive of guitar chords and tabs.

I spend lots of time listening to my favorite band, the Red Elvises .

We watch a lot of baseball. You can keep track of standings and statistics by checking out ESPN Major League Baseball .

My sister Julie and I raise a little hell once in a while.

I miss my friends from Kansas a lot, including the charismatic Holly Shorney.

I used to belly dance all the time, but have gotten more interested in the guitar and singing since I moved to California. Here's a bit about my dance history. My alter ego is a Middle Eastern dancer named Shaheena.

I specialize in Egyptian-style raks sharki , typical of what you'd see in a show in Cairo. My routines are usually choreographed to classical dance compositions, like Aziza and Zeina, and I use a lot of Egyptian popular music (artists such as Mustafa Amar and Samir Srour). I also perform in the Saidi style. I am available for performances at weddings and other special occasions.

You can find contemporary and classical Arabic music for sale from Rashid Music Company. You can see me and my buddies working as famous Internet models for our dear friends at Cartouche Imports. Another one of my favorite vendors of all things dance-related is Chandra of Damascus.

You can access an online directory of Middle Eastern dancers and dance groups, too. Aziza Sa'id maintains a photo gallery of members of the Mediterranean Dance mailing list. Don't worry, there's subscription information as well!

1998 KC Renaissance Festival pictures

Last Updated: 26-Jul-2001