28 Feb 2002

Visitors stop by
Ponder hyperlinked signals
Want better graphics.

3 March 2002

Snow falls in South Bend
I postpone my return flight
More family time.

11 March 2002

Exploits from Bugtraq
Bugs in other people's code:
Most software bugs me.

18 March 2002

tbird's new home page
ripples in the ethernet
a PM poem.

14 April 2002

This morning's sun
annihilates past knowing:
change, and change again.

15 July 2002 Haiku

Time for new haiku:
Lacking inspiration, I
waste this space again.

2 September 2002 Haiku

Ripples in the Force
Complexity surrounds me
Comfort's over-rated.

8 September 2002 Haiku - for Claudia and Todd

Claudia weds Todd
Binding hearts, minds, bodies
Todd weds Claudia

19 September 2002 Haiku

Parting's bittersweet,
but staying's no good either:
Free will's not easy.

11 October 2002 Haiku

In between the worlds
summer embraces winter
sky and earth entwine.

12 December 2002 Haiku

How I wish for snow
The holidays seem empty
when it's so darn warm.

20 February 2003 -- for the one true David

Sunrays laugh for joy
dancing moon through rainy sky:
dwell in lasting bliss.

2 March 2003 -- for the one true David

Some things can't be said:
Sky above and earth below
You with me, singing.

6 November 2003

Oliver missing...
autumn sky heavy with tears
...my beloved Slink.

On 10 November 2004, we discovered that Oliver had hidden in a small, infrequently used maintenance closet in our apartment complex to die, after a short but intense illness. I'd thought he'd been recovering, alas. My life is filled with remarkable animals, but Oliver will always be the most remarkable of them, I think: companionable, curious about every aspect of his surroundings, fearless and utterly charming. Thanks to all for their support during the time of grief.

8 January 2005

Way out of practice
No haiku for long long months
Must begin again.

15 February 2005

SHA-1 has been cracked.
Collisions in the digests:
Oh what shall we do?

28 June 2005

Some days I just can't
write reasonable haiku
to save my own life.

9 December 2005

Current life turmoil
keeps me from sleeping at night:
what did I do wrong?

28 Jan 2006

Challenger silenced.
Ad astra per aspera:
we should not forget.

2 Jan 2007

Am I now grown up?
Family, money, passion:
no clear path ahead.

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