Fred & Nick: More Adorable Rattiness - Winter 2006

Nick grins up at me from the comfort and security of the bonding pouch, which is hanging around my neck. These two shots were interesting. The ratboyz were too close for me to use the viewfinder on my camera normally, so I enabled the macro setting, held the camera above my head, and listened for the noise the camera makes when it's focused. Not too bad!

Fred munches a yummy noodle he found at the bottom of the pouch.

Nick & Fred Read the Ratlist!

In Feb 2006, a number of Ratlisters exchanged stories about the adventures their ratties had whilst shirt-diving. My Ratboyz had never tried that particular trick, but on Valentine's Day (the day after the thread began), they decided to give it a shot:

On January 27, 2006, David and I helped a woman in Scotts Valley find homes for a pair of feeder rats who had gotten too big for the snake who was going to eat them. Here's the description I posted to the ratlist:

bluedarted wrote:

> WELL if she had actually called me, I COULD have. Now, I don't know
> what I'm going to do! Boyfriend's going to be in rehearsal all day
> tommorrow, friend's are all a working, and I can't drive to Hollister
> (where she works) or San Jose alone to pick 'em up. This is driving me
> nuts! Just reminds me of why I like rats so much more than
> people....*grrrr*

nicole and i got together and made beautiful rattie music tonight :-)

i picked the ratties up at a meeting in san jose, california. the woman from whom we rescued these two BEAUTIFUL PEW girlies had bred them for her snake :-( but they clearly had lots of handling, they were very friendly and energetic. apparently they got too big for the snake, thank the divine.
nicole found them listed on the web, *and* found them a home, if they could get to nicole's house (which is where i came in).

i contributed transport and a couple of crochet rattie bags (one for nicole if she wants, otherwise both for the girls' new home - in which case, nicole, i'll bring the ratboyz for a visit and drop off a bag for you :-)...nicole rewarded me (like the ratlet adorableness wasn't enough) with a hammock for the boyz - they are ROMPING in it now and are VERY VERY happy :-) i'll get a photo on line post haste.

the only danger -- and it was much more substantial than it might have been -- was that the adorable girlie ratlets might have moved in with me :-) but i'm really trying to stick to boys. they definitely have distinct personalities - the alpha (i presume) girlie was doing amazing cage
gymnastics in the car. just to explore, not cos she was scared. her sister was eating, you guessed it, noodles and peas.

many MANY thanks to nicole for finding these girls and letting me help!

Here are the Ratboyz enjoying the hammock Nicole made for them:

Finally, these were just too cute not to put on line!

Fred is not convinced he should emerge, to see what's going on.

Nick's charming grin - he's partially lying on Fred!

Nick is more of a climber than Fred is - here, he's trying to catch Fred's toes (Fred's outside the cage):

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