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57E9 D8B1 2BF3 F512 691D 65D1 DA92 E1FF C6F2 5541

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I'm a member of the The Shmoo Group, an assortment of security folk with widely divergent hobbies.

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tbird Photography

St. Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield, London - one of London's best- preserved Norman buildings

The photo of St. Bartholomew published by Art+Auction

Priory Arms created by David True

Portrait of the Artist as a Young tbird

Much to my amazement, and amusement, my home town of South Bend, IN has a pretty impressive presence on the Web. Here are some sites related to my early days and family history:

My life with rheumatoid arthritis

In 2002, my ongoing problems with pain and inflammation in my hands and arms, originally incorrectly diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome, was identified as full blown rheumatoid arthritis. I'm still struggling with the many changes this illness has made in my life.

I have an odd sort of RA, which affects my connective tissue more than my joints, and which has been very hard to diagnose and treat. I'm always on the lookout for new information about this disease.

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tbird's Patron Saint

St. Christina the Astonishing Just lovely -- a saint with my name who was renowned in the 13th century for her powers of flight. She is the patroness of the mentally ill, psychotherapists and madman. That might explain a lot. "She lived by begging, dressed in rags, and behaved in a terrifying manner." Clearly I don't have too much in common with her. Thanks to Keith Ashman for pointing this out.

A smattering of things I do in my Off Time

Some of my Favorite Writing

7 Oct 2007

nest egg value plummets
i'll retire some day
when i need no food

candidate words blow
fall winds moan across the plains
no help, just cold rain.

Old Haiku

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